Theresienthal Tumbler

The Theresienthal craftsmanship is stunning, forming the ringclear and lovely. Up for auction is a span of traditional crystal schnappsTheresienthal glasses or shot glasses These tiny vintage glasses obtain a clearblown crystal cupola encircled by a fine ribbed side of amber glass resting ona clear lip

Theresienthal Tumbler

The Theresienthal Tumbler craftsmanship is stunning, makingthe circle recognizeable and lovely I retain fresh crystal items listed from thisprestigious manufacturer if you are interested in fresh If you move a look atthe Theresienthal you entrust see that the glassware produced there is marketed atthe elite locations worldwide

Up for auction is a couple of traditional crystal schnapps Theresienthalglasses or shot glasses These tiny vintage glasses retain a glaring blown crystalcupola encircled by a fine ribbed side of amber glass resting on a recognizeable lipFour decorative amber rosettes are attached to the sides The spell of thisretired decoration is unknown to me and it is my educated guess that they wereproduced by the Kristallglassmanufaktur Theresienthal GmbH, Zwiesel, Bavariasometime after 1970 The derisory glasses are in excellent condition There are nonicks, dings, chips, scratches nor repairs

The gilded look that was all the rage on Fall’s runway haslanded on the table. The Caroline Mercury Canister has an antiqued copperfinish, the goblet an amber luster and the fabulous crystal stemware fromcoveted names Moser and Theresienthal is etched

With around 15 glassworks, glass workshops and galleries,Zwiesel is the heart of glassmaking and processing in the Bavarian Forest TheTechnical College for Glass, Schott Zwiesel, Ambiente, Rimpler and theTheresienthal crystal works are unbiased a few of the names associated withglassmaking in the town Please purchase on online http://www.etabletopcom/

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