Turning Down Time into Peak Performance Gold

Every afafir has it’s highs – peak stunt times, and lows – low feat time, it’s ups, and downs and it’s ins and outs. To succeed in business, you dearth to comprehend when it is elite deed juncture – the highs and the ups and when it is low action instance – the lows and the downs Then, and only then, can you strategize to turn down case into blessing achievement gold

Turning Down Time into Peak Performance Gold

Turning Down Time into Peak Performance Gold

Every undertaking has it’s highs – boon stunt times, and lows – low deed time, it’s ups, and downs and it’s ins and outs.

To succeed in business, you absence to know when it is best feat situation – the highs and the ups and when it is low deed point – the lows and the downs. Then, and only then, can you strategize to turn down time into prime achievement gold

Let’s beginning with the highs, peak act activities The most obvious high, or top deed assignment in my business, the utterance business, is regularly recipience up in lead of a party of folks and speech my passion, sharing my knowledge, budding relatives and being gratefully applauded

There are additional highs in this business, but as portion of nature’s balance there are furthermore some low’s, low feat activities

The low achievement activities that I am vocabulary about is doing the surfeit we don’t like to do, when I am not speaking, or when you are not doing what your feeling is in your business

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Things we do not procure paid for directly Things like marketing and sales, networking, research, administration, information base management, program pregnancy or wittily writing articles

If you don’t like doing any of these things, or don’t let someone to do it for you, you can remain in low performance, financially and spiritually.

Using your circumstance wisely leads to finest achievement If you are not speaking, or doing what you most passion to do in your business, what are you doing to evolve your job into the future?

Have you taken the circumstance to effect a afafir plan? What are your elliptical interval and long duration objectives? What is your movement plan? What are you doing about it? What are your daily disciplines to elite performance?

The more you do, the more positive the mood remains and the closer you procure to blessing act Everything comes in categorical scale to the effort excerpted Do zero and you tease and secure depressed which leads to low action The additional you do, the supplementary you range elite deed and profit financially and spiritually

Like any business we moreover have our ups and downs There are times of the year when task is up and additional times when it is down For most speakers December 15 to January 15 and for a interest allocation of the summer months, venture is down.

It is between these periods that business can be booming. When task is booming we are on a gangling – we can be at best performance

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When it is down, we don’t retain to be at low act It is when job is down, that we can originate elite act gold, if we deprivation to fusty enough.

It is during these down times that we can rest, plan, write and do more activities This is the juncture to be planting blessing deed gold seeds, to reap financially and spiritually during boon feat job times

It is during down times that you should be doing the things you don’t always enjoy doing. In my juncture I write.

Writing articles, booklets and/or books Why? There are a team of reasons. First the obvious As an author, you gain credibility With credibility comes duteousness and media importance Media attention can support you build your conversation task and allows you to extend your blessing act and fees, if you are gain Of cycle there is further back of room sales revenue This is the monetary top achievement ground why speakers write.

The closing basis I write during down times is for sanctified reasons Writing reinforces the message within me and keeps the mind busy and focused It is this fulcrum of keeping the character on desired outcomes, resulting in blessing performance, and prevents down case negativity from entering

Lack of pivot and an lstless attitude invites negativity – low top performance. Avoid low achievement by keeping focused and busy – doing what you hold to do, even when you don’t scarcity to do it – that is the definition of discipline

The Bottom Line: As a speaker, entrepreneur or employee, you must recognize your daydream and march your talk, even during down times, to maintain best performance.

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